Call for paper: Heritage and Economy

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Call for papers: Heritage and Economy


Economy seems to permeate our present, not only in academic contexts, but also in our daily life. At the same time, we inhabit cities. We live in either modern or traditional architectural spaces (and even historical), without being aware of the relationship between these areas. These associations have not been treated, or have been neglected, by those who should consider these issues: Researchers. Designing and developing of cities and their protected zones, such as their historical sites or cultural heritage, involve the application of economic, public and private resources, either for restoration or conservation. Likewise, new trends in sustainable development are strong priorities to establish spaces that respect our nature and heritage.

What is the relation among economic enhancement, urban development and heritage conservation? What is the relation among politic policies, protection and development of architectural heritage? What is the relation among development, urban heritage and environment? These are some questions that should be reflected, nowadays.

Therefore, Gremium Journal is aware of the present needs and discussions. Gremium Journal follows the aims of multidisciplinary approaches, which set the origin and sense of this project. Gremium Journal makes an invitation to all national and international researchers who might be interested in submitting their works reflecting on the relation among Economy, Urban Architectonical Heritage and Environment. The deadline will be on April 14 th , 2017. The topic can include the following lines:

i) Economic development, urban development and urban- architectural conservation

ii) Economic and urban heritage

iii) Economic and historical heritage

iv) Economic, urban and environmental development

v) Public policies of urban and environmental development

The work must be adapted to the author guidelines of Gremium Journal, available at: Gremium Journal is a peer-review publication and ranked in the following index: LATINDEX;DIALNET; CLASE; ARLA; DOAJ; BIBLAT.

Ph. D. Luis Fernando Cabrera Castellanos
Guess Editor

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