Call for paper(s) 2019: Conservation of the earthen heritage.

The earthen architecture is high value heritage component as a result of its ancestral origin and the equilibrium that it has atavistically had with the natural environment, in desertic zones as well as tropical ones, mountain ranges, tropical rainforest or seismic ones. We are talking about constructions that can be considered thoroughly sustainable from the economic, ecological and cultural point of views, since they have components and constructive relationships that allowed them to persist to this day without significant changes.

However, despite the value of this kind of construction, its systematic study, heritage assessment and safeguard it shows a noticeable complexity due to the relatively recent development and to the singularity of the earth as a constructive component. That is why we are inviting scholars and professionals related to the theory and practice of restoration and safeguard of the cultural environment, submit articles to their assessment and eventual publication in 2020, in the thematic issue devoted to   Conservation of the earthen heritage.

It is expected to count with articles which analyze, from the archeological and historical perspective, examples of these heritage, as well as studies that show traditional and contemporary registration processes, documentation, intervention and set in value of properties and heritage earthen edifices.

Guest Editor: Ph. D. Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca
Deadline: May 01, 2020.