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Gremium es una revista de acceso Gratuito. Los autores deberán ceder los derechos patrimoniales a Gremium®. El autor o autores recibirán un formato de cesión de derechos patrimoniales que deberá ser firmada por los mismos. Se debe ceder el permiso de publicación del material de forma libre por parte de la revista Gremium® con la licencia Creative Commons (algunos derechos reservados), en formatos digitales ó impresos en caso que sea necesario. Los autores conservan los derechos morales. Gremium® se reserva el derecho de hacer los cambios editoriales necesarios para la publicación.

  • Rights

Gremium is a free access journal. Authors must give in property rights to Gremium ®. The author will receive a copyright transference that must be signed, with the understanding that the rest of the authors have given their agreement. The patrimonial rights of the research article are transferred to Gremium. Authors retain moral rights. Gremium ® reserves the right to make editorial changes required for publication.

It must give permission to publish the material free form by the Gremium ® magazine under the Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-ND), which is to preserve some rights reserved, with the following property license:

Attribution (BY): You must attribute the authorship of the work in the manner specified by the author of each article and the publication by the journal.

Non-Commercial (NC): This work cannot be used for commercial purposes unless permission is obtained from the licensor.

No result (ND): The licensor may copy, distribute and transmit only unaltered copies of the work, either in digital or printed formats if necessary. Do not allow derived based on it.