Industrial Heritage

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Industrial Heritage




Nowadays, in the technical field persists an old research about thecomplex connexion between abstraction and result – as it was considered by Georg Simmel in his reflections on the "drama of culture" and also in the footprint of the machines "are a frozen spirit" remaining Goethe. But, it was until the second half of the twentieth century that these thoughts started to take importance in the testimony of a specific time of industrial progress in the West. However, this interest has been strongly anchored in the narrative on European Industrial Revolution. Later, discussions about the forces that shaped the concept of the product were opened, which engage with the ideas of “finality”. Also, it discovers the knowledge that make them possible. Although, this northwestern narrative has been the subject of multiple reviews and criticisms, the popularity of

Industrial Heritage has been involved with reformulations in the fields of protection, preservation, intervention and classification of sites and landscapes, therefore, from Archaeological and Geographical approaches. Nowadays, new horizons of reflexion and research have been drawn, but what has been discussed about the current technical interventions?

This call for papers invites to submit studies or analysis, about the architectural heritage related to the skills and the artifices, in either a factory or a workshop, and certainly, about industrialism:

 Theoretical approaches that discuss the balances between the idea of a product and the knowledge that make it possible. Making relation with the purposes and means that are appreciated by the current architectural theory. Is it necessary to propose a history of the architectonic object as a merchandise? Which implications must be considered when talking about exceptional works, facing the standardization of the architectonic product?

 Historiographic reviews about specific industrial fields, which clarify the origin and formal adaptation to the market, and structures and operations of whole buildings.

 Discussions on technical criteria for machinery intervention, iron structures and other materials processed regarding topics like authenticity. What kind of attributes construct values? On empirical evidence, what adds the intention? also, how motivation is invested on the material?

 Explorations on construction knowledge applied in industrial environments. What can we learn about the subsistence activities and mechanical work, in environments influenced by industry?

 Contexts about what it’s been discussed in the present about today architectural and urban preservation conflict such as preservation, closure of industries or the increase of tourism industry. What future scopes can be predicted today, considering the participation of private capital in the protection of industrial landscapes?

 Analysis or studies about architectural interventions made in all categories about industrial environment, allow discussions on the previous topics in a theoretical and practical approach. What are the architects and practitioners’ stands, and technical decisions, suggesting to promote these transformations?

Deadline for submission: May 15th, 2017

Héctor César Escudero Alejandro González Milea

Editor in Chief Guest Editor

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