Etiqueta: Daneels

Arquitectura mesoamericana de tierra. Volumen I. México

Mesoamerican Earthen Architecture, Volume I, was edited by Annick Daneels, and published in September 2019 by the Institute of Anthropological Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. It is the first book to specifically approach this archaeological heritage in Mexico. The introduction synthesizes the state of the art in earthen architecture research in the world and in Mexico, while seven of the twelve chapters present the architecture of specific sites: San José Mogote, Cholula, La Joya, El Tajín, Xochitécatl-Cacaxtla and Tula, in Mexico, and Kaminaljuyú in Guatemala, and two more summarize the regional evidence from the Huasteca and from the Pacific coast of Guatemala. The remaining three chapters are more reflexive: one porposes that the classic Mesoamerican stone architecture emerged from prototypes in earth; another compares construction techniques between sites form the New and the Old World; and a third analyzes the challenges that the conservation of earthen archaeological heritage implies, focusing on the American continent.